Big Buddha
Opening Hours: 
9:00am - 6:00pm
Ngong Ping, Lantua Island

When you travel to Phuket City's southern region, you will get a glimpse down the hills and a monument that is currently under construction will be visible to you. This towering monument on the hill is typically referred to as Big Buddha and it designed with a view to become the largest local land mark that both locals and tourists will love visiting.

The Big Buddha statue just started being constructed. The idea has been conceived much earlier and had it not been for the endless bureaucratic red tape, it would be close to completion by now. However, the paper work has already been finalized and the construction has been ongoing since February of last year.

The funds dedicated to this Big Buddha work in progress are entirely coming from donations issued by various well wishers. The project is pretty huge meaning that it has already consumed a lot of money and will consume even more before it can be completed successfully.

Once the Big Buddha project has been completed, there will be 2 images of Buddha instead of 1. The smaller image will be 12 meters in height and made of brass at a cost of eight million baht and has already been completed. Then there will be the Big Buddha or the Giant image that is being built to face the east towards the Phang Nga and the Chalong bays. It will cost close to thirty million baht before it is completed.

To come to a suitable conclusion, you can read more about this marvelous work of art that is still being constructed. The internet has a lot of information on it. When you get to the area, however, do not miss out on the chance to go watch the Big Buddha statue under construction. You can even take pictures for future remembrance of your time in the area.

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