Man Mo Temple
Sheung Wan - Exit A1
124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, HK Island

If you have never been to the Hong Kong's Man Mo temple, then you shouldn't count yourself as an enthusiastic traveler and an adventurer. Many tourists and other visitors in Hong Kong ensure that they visit this famous temple once or twice during their stay so that they can enjoy viewing the incredible creations within and outside the temple. Inside, incense sticks are usually burnt by the worshipers as a sign of good fortune. They are also placed in the bronze to enable them continue burning for a long time so that the atmosphere inside the temple can stay calm and welcoming.

Man Mo temple has a long history which dates back to the early 1840s. It was created as a sign of devotion of man to literature and civilization. The temple was made as a sign of man being the god of literature and culture. Mo on the other hand, is the god of war, who used to guide the warriors during wars. The temple's altar is flanked with different shapes and designs of the Mo-god of war. Due to these fantastic creations and the atmosphere inside the temple, many visitors find it worthy spending the whole day inside learning everything possible about the temple and its community.

Outside the Man Mo temple, there are shops that sell combustible offerings that are normally burned inside the temple as a sign of comfort for the departed souls. Some of the common combustible offerings you can find in these shops include the paper VCR, cars, hell bank notes, and more. These offerings are burnt in stoves inside the temple because the people in Hong Kong believe that they can send their loved ones comfort and happiness long after they die. You can take pictures in the temple although the use of camera flash is prohibited. Come and have fun.

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