Opening Hours: 
Wed-Sun: 9:00am - 5:00pm; Tue: 2:00pm - 5:00pm; Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
Admiralty station Exit C1 + bus No.15
27 Coombe Road, The Peak, Wan Chai, HK Island
+852 2849 7019

Police Museum, Hong Kong is definitely one of those museums that worth a visit. It's located in former Wan Chai Gap Police station and has the best collection of police artifacts in the city. The artifacts feature the Police in historical times and give to many people, especially history students and lawyers, an opportunity to learn interesting facts about crimes. The museum features a wide array of interesting crimes starting since XIX century. Visitors have a chance to see over 700 exhibits that are beautifully displayed in the museum, which covers an area of 570 square meters. Admission is free all year round.

All the artifacts in the museum are collected by the Police Historical Records Committee that was formed in 1964. Therefore, you are assured that the information from reliable resources, including the history of the Hong Kong Police Force. There are a lot of police historical photographs, firearms, uniforms, archives, police equipments among other police artifacts. One of the interesting exhibits is the head of the 'Sheung Sheu Tiger'. The animal was shot in 1915 after it tragically killed a police officer. The head is indeed one of the most significant exhibits the museum has.

Police museum has five galleries. Orientation Gallery features the general history of Hong Kong Police. Triad Societies and Narcotics Gallery displays the history of local triad societies and rituals of Triad people. Narcotics gallery explains all the details pertaining to narcotics problem in Hong Kong. Police Then & Now Gallery will show you the transformation of the Police Force for more than 150 years. Current Exhibition Gallery is a thematic gallery that displays the exhibits based on various themes. To complete it all, the museum has a Heroin Factory.

Getting There
How to get to Hong Kong Police Museum. Get on the bus No.15 at Exchange Square Bus Terminus or Admiralty Station that goes to the Peak and get off at Wan Chai Gap Road bus stop. Zoom the map for details.
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