Repulse Bay
Opening Hours: 
All day
Central station - Exit A; Hong Kong station - Exit D + bus
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Island

One of Hong Kong's most beautiful locales for tourists and local residents to visit is Repulse Bay. It has one of the loveliest beaches in the region, and is in an upscale residential area. The atmosphere is friendly and the decor resembles a resort. Local residents and visitors love the beach for sunbathing or swimming off the wave-lapped beach, which is wide and sandy. Statues of the gods Tin Hau and Kwun Yum who are protectors of fishermen, tower over the gardens that lead to the beach. The location of Repulse Bay is on the southern region of Hong Kong Island. It's west of Middle Bay and east of Deep Water Bay. The beaches are perfect for swimming. Hong Kong is in a mountainous region, so the beaches are more sheltered, and very seldom have large waves.

The Repulse Bay, which is a colonial-style hotel, has several gourmet restaurants and unique shops. The original hotel was built during the 1920's, but the current structure closely resembles the original. The only portion of the original structure that's still left on the site is the arcade. The area surrounding the original building was developed into luxury apartments. The region is one of the most expensive residential areas in Hong Kong. When the original hotel was demolished, a boutique-style shopping mall was constructed on the site, in addition to the apartment complex. The architecture is similar to the colonial-style of the original hotel, which was the setting for several movies and novels.

Repulse Bay boasts some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong. The Verandah is one of the favorites of locals and tourists. The Verandah serves western-style cuisine and delectable desserts. Enjoy breathtaking views while dining outdoors. Since The Verandah is one of the more popular restaurants in Repulse Bay, you should make reservations in advance. One of the most beautiful restaurants is Spices, in a tropical, garden setting. Eastern decor and excellent cuisine make Spices a special spot for an elegant dinner, and is located at The Repulse Bay in Hong Kong.

Getting There

How to get to Repulse Bay. There is no direct access on the MTR. As a result, travelers should take a bus or taxi to get to the Bay. But you may take the MTR to get to Central or Hong Kong MTR stations. Get out of the Central MTR station through Exit A and from Hong Kong MTR station through Exit D. Then walk a little to the Exchange Square Bus Terminus. On the Bus Terminus you can take buses No. 6, 6A, 6X and 260. A ride on a bus will take 30-35 minutes. Zoom the map for details.

Please note: The bus drivers don't give you a change, therefore use Octopus Card or prepare small money.

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