Yau Ma Tei - Exit C & D

The Tin Hau Temple is a complex of temples in Kowloon's Yau Ma Tai district. It is linked to the Shea Tam, Shing Wong and Fook Tak Tse temples. These temples originally were built way back in 1870 before being transferred to the position they presently occupy. In 1972, they were also renovated to their present condition.

This amazing Tin Hau Temple has been dedicated to a goddess who goes by the same name. She is the patroness of those who are at see and the queen of heaven according to ancient Chinese folklore. She was born to a fisherman way back in AD 960.

Visiting this temple is a lot of fun. There is such a wealth of history about it that you will not want to leave the place when you get there. Seeing as how it is the largest and oldest Tin Hau Temple in Hong Kong, it follows that most of the residents of the city especially fishermen, come here to pay their homage to the goddess for whom the temple was dedicated.

The Tin Hau Temple faces the see. It is found right on the Joss House Bay shore near the Clear Water peninsula. When translated, this bay refers to the bay that houses the large temple. This goes to show the value that the Chinese set by the Tin Hau Temple. To draw to a close, you will want to learn that the Tin Hau Temple now ranks among the grade 1 historic building. This simply means that you will have a great time learning all the history that is attached to this temple. This will give you a deeper insight into ancient Chinese history and the myths and legends that are typical of the famed city of Hong Kong. In the long run, visiting the temple provides an excellent bond between old and new.

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