Victoria Harbour
Opening Hours: 
24 hours

Located between Hong Kong and Kowloon, is Victoria Harbour, a deep water port. For those who appreciate modern architecture, the skyline of Hong Kong is one of the most interesting and unique anywhere in the world. The skyline of Hong Kong is the tallest of any city. Of the world's twenty tallest buildings, four are located in Victoria Harbour, scattered throughout the bay. Visitors to Hong Kong can take a sightseeing tour around the harbour on one of the many ferries. The view of the skyline of the city at night, with its millions of neon lights, is a spectacular sight.

In the evening, visitors to Victoria Harbour thrill to the Symphony of Lights, an incredible light display, featuring concerted effects. The sound and light display with skylights and laser lights is truly amazing. Besides enjoying the harbor, millions of tourists every year visit the attractions of Hong Kong, including the parks, islands, and museums. There are plenty of places to hike and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, and shopping is a major attraction for many visitors to Hong Kong. Most visitors to Hong Kong flock to the region that's located between Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island. The Star Ferry Terminal is also located in this area.

Near Victoria Harbour are three places to visit for the best views. They are the Avenue of Stars, Central Plaza, and Victoria Peak. The Avenue of Stars is similar to the walkway in Hollywood, featuring the hand and footprints of famous celebrities. It's located on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade near the Hong Kong Museum of Arts, another attraction you won't want to miss when visiting the harbour. The Hong Kong Cultural Center and the Space Museum are located in the same area. You can get great views of the Symphony of Lights from this location.

One of the most interesting attractions near Victoria Harbour is inside the Central Plaza. The Hong Kong City Church is at the top of the 78 story structure, and is the highest church in the world located inside a skyscraper. Spectacular views of the harbour can be seen from any angle inside the church, since the walls are constructed entirely of glass. Visitors can admire the scenery and see Victoria Peak during the services. Victoria Peak offers panoramic views of the city, especially at dusk when the lights come on. It can be reached from the tram that travels to the top.

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