Located not far from Discovery Bay, north-east of Lantau Island, and 8 kilometers to the west of Hong Kong Island, Peng Chau is a tiny island that occupies an area of about 1 square kilometers. The community is made up of about 6,300 residents and the life on the island is very quiet and slow.

No cars are allowed on Peng Chau. The only way to get around other than walking is to use a bicycle or one of the motorized carts that are available on the island. Since the island is relatively small, it's possible to walk around the entire island in approximately an hour or two. It's popular with tourists who want to spend part of the day on one island before taking the ferry to another. Bicycling around the island is easy since it's quite flat.

However, there is one small peak, which is named Finger Hill. Looking at the island with its highest point, 95 meters, it is possible to observe the bending coastline of the island with Tung Wan beach on the east. Visitors can see the Discovery Bay in the background. It's a great place to have scenic views of the island, and to snap pictures.

Another tourist attraction on Peng Chau island is Tin Hau Temple, which is located close to the pier. Also, there are several temples located in north-west part of the island, Kwun Yum Temple, Seventh Sister Temple and Monkey King Temple. Since the island is so small, a number of schools and clubs have outings here, and it's virtually impossible to get lost. Most of the restaurants and cafes on the island are located close to the pier, by the sea, or on the promenade. Most are quite small but very good.

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Getting There

How to get to Peng Chau. Ferries to the island arrive to the west coast of the island. The most common way is to take a ferry at Central Ferry Pier #6 in Central, Hong Kong Island. People being transported on the ferries have their choice of ordinary ferries which take approximately 40 minutes, and fast ferries which can cover the distance in about 25-30 minutes. Ferries run almost every 45 minutes (Monday to Saturday). On Sundays and Public Holidays, ferries run every 50-55 minutes.

People may also travel between Peng Chau Island on the First Ferry Inter-Island Ferry to Mui Wo and Chi Ma Wan, both on Lantau Island, and to Cheung Chau. The ferries leave approximately every 2 hours. Ferry service is also available to Nim Shue Wan on Discovery Bay.

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