The Sha Tin District is one of 9 districts in the New Territories, and one of Hong Kong's 18 districts. The area is very scenic since it has a number of country parks. Sha Tin New Town and the parks make up approximately 70 km, or 27 square miles. The first public housing complex, known as Lek Yuen Estate, was completed in 1976, and the area began a lot of expansion after that time. In addition to all the housing, the area has 4 industrial regions known as Fo Tan, Siu Lek Yuen, Shek Mun and Tai Wai. Sha Tin is also the home of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The rail line takes commuters to the campus, but a minibus service also operates on the campus to transport faculty and students. One of the major attractions is the equestrian racecourse, which was used in the 2008 Summer Olympics. It's the second most famous equestrian course in Hong Kong, after the Hong Kong Island Happy Valley course. One of the major parks, Penfold Park, is located inside the racecourse, but is usually closed on days when there is racing. Public transportation is widespread in the Sha Tin District, with 5 rail line stations. Cycle tracks run around the district in a large network, which is the longest in Hong Kong. A large number of schools are in the region, including Sha Tin Methodist College, Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College, the International Christian School of Hong Kong, the Immaculate Heart of Mary College, and a number of secondary schools. The region also has 4 hospitals, which are located in Sha Tin Town. The district of Sha Tin is a great place for tourists to visit, with so many attractions. The most famous attraction is the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which is the newest and one of the best, according to the large numbers of tourists who have already visited. The museum has 12 galleries of exhibits, a museum shop, and a cafe. The permanent exhibits include the Chao Shao-an Gallery, the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the Children's Discovery Gallery, and the New Territories Heritage Hall. Three branch museums are also operated by the main museum. these include the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum, the Hong Kong Railway Museum, and the Sam Tung Uk Museum. Other attractions include Tsang Tai Uk, an old 1848 structure that was an ancestral hall. The Sha Tin Town Hall is where a variety of exhibitions and cultural events and festivals are held.