Major Asian metropolis, known as Hong Kong, is striking for its culinary delights. Variety of dishes in Hong Kong restaurants is staggering, as well as a huge number of eateries. Thousands of Hong Kong restaurants and eateries offer the opportunity to taste the dishes from around the world and also the dishes of various provinces of China. Visitors can choose - dine in the fresh air while admiring the night streets of Hong Kong, or on the waterfront, or sit in the cozy atmosphere of stylish restaurants in luxury hotels while enjoying the panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the mountains. You will not find more diverse city in gastronomic term than Hong Kong.

Most residents prefer not to cook at home, and eat in restaurants and eateries, therefore Hong Kong has a very large number of dining options. The price of the issue depends on your budget: you can select a local eatery, where a main dish will cost 30-40 HK or choose a luxurious restaurant - in short all the options. Do not be afraid to try unknown dishes, most of them will be tasty, if something does not like - just choose another and you will surely find something you like. In the city known as the "Culinary Capital of Asia" everyone can satisfy their own culinary requirements. At each corner you will find cheap tents with refreshments or cozy cafes or upscale restaurants. Often the tastiest food sells on the streets or in plain-looking cafes with no other inscriptions besides as a native Chinese. Each district of Hong Kong has its own unique atmosphere. Having visited Hong Kong, you come back home with a new culinary experience. You will like what is prepared in Hong Kong.

Chinese Food

Chinese restaurants can be found throughout the city, major hotels are not an exception. Most of them specializes in cuisine of one or several Chinese provinces: Cantonese, Huaiyang, Shandong, Szechuan, Beijing, Sichuan, Hunan and others. In China eat everything. Therefore besides the usual dishes that are popular all over the world, such as noodles, dim sum, dishes with pork, chicken, duck, guests can try the exotic food as worms, insects and their larvae, snails, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, monkeys, cats, dogs and other mammals. It is impossible to try all the national dishes of China for a trip. Therefore let's consider the most popular.

Dim sum

Being a part of Chinese cuisine, dim sum is a very popular dish among residents and visitors. Your trip can't be completed if you didn't try dim sum. This food can be cooked in different ways. Traditional dim sum includes steamed dumplings, buns, rolls and their hybrids, which are stuffed with different ingredients, including shrimps, beef, pork, eggs, vegetables, and served in bamboo baskets. Other types of dim sum are cooked by frying, boiling or baking. It is an excellent dish for breakfast or lunch with a cup of tea. Very tasty and cheap. It may take several visits to determine your favorites. Most restaurants offer a wide variety of dim sum and the menu can vary from day to day.


Noodles in all kinds and at all times. A type of noodles is denoted by several Chinese characters, and classified according to the shape, ingredients, the method of preparation, length/width. In the afternoon people prefer to eat the noodles mostly in the soup, and in the evening and night prefer fried noodles with meat or seafood. Traditional Chinese noodles are made manually, without using the machine. The dough is rolled into thin stripes and then is stretched manually to a state of long thin threads. Not for nothing, the noodles in China stand almost on a par with rice, being a symbol of longevity.


Seafood is an important part of Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong. Hong Kong seafood includes seawater animals, such as fish, molluscs and crustaceans, edible seaweeds. Some of the Hong Kong restaurants have big aquariums that contain live seafood, such as fish, crabs, prawns, scallops, lobsters, oysters and so on. So visitors can choose what they want and the the method of preparation. Preparing of live seafood is a culinary art in Hong Kong. The best Hong Kong restaurants specializing in seafood are in small villages.

International Cuisine

Being an international city, in addition to the local Chinese cuisine Hong Kong offers to try traditional and exotic cuisine from Asia, Europe and America. While in Hong Kong, you can try everything: the world-famous Italian dishes like pasta and pizza, American burgers, traditional Russian soup - Borscht, the popular Japanese sushi and sashimi, Korean bibinbab and kim-chi. In addition to the famous dishes of western and eastern cuisine, you can also try the Thai tom yum and pad thai, spicy Mexican food and much more.